• Catechu

    Manufacturing Process: Good quality of Khair Tree (Acacia Catechu) is procured from various parts of India. Each log is manually stripped & made free from Sapwood. The heartwood is mechanically chipped into small pieces and cooked under pressure. The liquor obtained contains Catechu which is concentrated in multistage evaporator. On chilling the concentrated liquor crystals of Catechu are produced. Crystals are carefully filtered in controlled conditions. The filtered mass is mashed and cut into Biscuits and slowly dried at low temperatures.

    Specifications: Commercially the Catechu (Katha) is valued on the basis of its texture, paste value (8-10 times) and smell. However, detailed analysis of a typical sample is given below:

    Loss on drying, % by weight 14 – 16
    Matter insoluble in rectified spirit, % by weight 10 – 15
    Total Ash, % by weight Max. 2.0
    Acid insoluble ash, % by weight Max. 0.5
    Paste value (in terms of water retention) 9 times

    Uses of Catechu: It is traditionally being used as mouth freshener with Betel quid in India. The new generation of mouth fresheners, like Pan Masala deploys Catechu as chief ingredient with Areca nuts and sometimes with chewing tobacco. Catechu is an astringent and has distinct bitterness followed by cool-sweetness. It also finds use as flavoring agent in condiments, ice-creams, candy, beverages etc. Since ages, the medicinal uses of catechu are well known. It finds major use in treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, ailments of mouth, gums, tonsils etc. Many new uses of catechins (which are the natural chief ingredients of catechu) like antioxidant, skin care, anti-diabetic, anti-inflamatory are reported.

    Packings Primary Secondary
    Pouch Box 100 gm/each
    10 kg Corrugated Box
    20 kg Corrugated Box
    Pan Paste (ready to use) powder 100 gm/each
    50 gm/each in Metal Container
    10 kg Corrugated Box
    10 kg Corrugated Box
    Power (Bulk) 20 kg 20 kg Corrugated Box
  • Cutch

    Manufacturing Process: The supernatant liquor obtained on filtration of Catechu is concentrated in multiple effect evaporator till the semi solid condition is achieved. It is directly packed in suitable packings.

    Specification: The cutch has dark colour and rich in Vegetable Tannins. A typical analysis is given below:

    W / W %
    Moisture, max 12
    Tannins, min 60
    Catechins, min 30
    Insoluble in boiling water, max 05

    Uses: Cutch is a natural source for Tannins (for tanning of leather). It creates variety of colors with metals and are useful as dyeing agent for natural fibers. It is also used as a mouth freshener. Medicinal uses similar to catechu are also known. It has application in Oil-drilling, Printing ink-pigments, adhesives etc.

    Packings Primary Secondary
    Block 50 kg 50 kgs in Wooden Case wrapped in hessian bag
    Slab 3.125 kg 25 kgs in wooden case wrapped in hessian bag
  • Catechins

    Manufacturing Process : We offer Epi-catechins (L & DL type) from Acacia Catechu and D-Catechins by solvent Extraction of Gambier. We can also offer Gambier – alkaloids (like Gambir Tannine, Oxo-gambir tannine etc).

    Specification : In view of rapid transformation of L-Epi catechin to its isomers, at present we can offer limited quantity of 85% pure Epicatechins (L&DL). High purity (99%+) D-Catechins (Hy-drate), are being used by local manufacturers of mouth-freshener.

    Uses : Both Epicatechins & D-Catechins have demonstrated uses as Antioxidant. It has also proved efficacy in treatment of Acute viral hepatities, and as Anti-diabetic, Anti – inflamatory, Anti-Dirrhoea, Anti-dysentry, Chemo-preventor etc. It is also traditionally used for treatment of Gums & Tooth and skin ailments.