Board of Directors

The below table sets out the details regarding our Board as on the date of the filing of this Company Profile:

Name of the Director Designation DIN Status
Mr. Krishna Kumar Mohta Chairman and Managing Director 00702306 Executive Director
Mr. Mohta is an Industrialist and having 36 years experience in the Katha industry and has a quality of sound vision and leadership in the industry. Mr. Mohta is responsible for the overall management of the Company. He is having more than 45 years of experience in the field of manufacturing, accounting, management and administration.
Mr. Bharat Mohta Whole-time Director & CEO 00392090 Executive Director
Mr. Mohta is having more than 11 year experience and expertise in the field of agricultural products, management and accounting, and also have vast experience in commercial and financial dealing.
Mr. Surendra Bagri Director 00659888 Independent Director
Mr. Surendra Bagri is a Chartered Accountant, having an experience of more than 25 years in the field of industrial chemicals, accounting, taxation and finance.
Mr. Rajendra Prasad Chetani Director 00392215 Non-Executive Non-Independent Director
Mr. Chetani is having 36 years experience in Taxation & Company Law matters.
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Maheswary Director 00497335 Independent Director
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Maheswary is having more than 56 years of experience in the field of finance, taxation, investments and management.
Mr. Vinod Kumar Maheshwary Director 02659320 Independent Director
Mr. Maheshwary has more than 41 years of experience in the banking, investment and financing sector.
Ms. Drisha Poddar Director 07729080 Independent Director
Ms. Poddar is having 8 years experience in the field of accounts, finance, investment and business development.

Key Managerial Personnel

Mr. Raj Kumar Agrawal
Executive Vice-President/Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Anup Gupta
Company Secretary

Audit Committee

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Maheshwary
Chairman (Independent Director)

Mr. Vinod Kumar Maheshwary
Member (Independent Director)

Mr. Rajendra Prasad Chetani
Member (Director)

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Mr. R. P. Chetani Chairman
(Non-Independent Non-Executive Director)

Mr. V. K. Maheshwary
Member (Independent Director)

Mr. S. K. Maheshwary
Member (Independent Director)